Fire Bricks

Refractory bricks or fire bricks are made of refractory ceramic material for lining thing from pizza ovens to industrial furnaces. Primarily built to resist high temperatures they also are very good a retaining heat. The bricks will resist against extremes of chemical or thermal stresses.

  • Alumina Bricks.
  • Andalusite Based Bricks.
  • Bauxite based Bricks.
  • Bubble Alumina based Bricks.
  • Dense Fire Bricks – Full Range 42% Alumina to 99% Alumina
  • Insulating Bricks – Full range 23 to 34 Grade
  • Magnesite based Bricks
  • Moler Insulating Bricks (Diatomaceous)
  • Mullite based Bricks
  • Zircon based Bricks